disney at 5

I’m not really sure what I was thinking when I brought my son to Disney at the age of 5. Well almost 5. I bet there are many parents out there saying 5 is a fine age to bring a kid they still have their imagination and love for all the characters and so on. Well I’m an adult and I still love Disney, crazy as it my sound, I’ve been more times than I can remember but I probably should have waited two or so more years before I brought him.

I can’t deny we had a blast. We stayed in the Disney All Star Movie Resorts which are reasonably prices, have great shuttles to and from all the parks and a nice cafeteria area. He also really liked all the big characters and the fact it had a playground.

Even though he had phased out of naps at home he was in desperate need of them here. By the time 7pm rolled around he was ready to pass out.

We visited all the parks but the funny thing was that his favorite park ended up being Epcot because of the “Finding Nemo” ride. We probably went on it about 4 times. The thing about having a younger child there is their not tall enough to ride the roller coasters or “big” rides. So while there, its hard not to get a feeling of missing out.

I can’t say I didn’t have fun but it was a lot of work pushing him around in a stroller in the hot June heat with no shade. All I know is we will return but most likely when he is 9 or 10. At least tall enough to ride the bigger rides.



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