fighting the waves

Whenever I’m offered a free stay somewhere I jump at the opportunity. This time it was in Norfolk, VA. This was convenient place to stay, it was about 25 minutes from Virginia Beach and 45 minutes from Busch Gardens, depending on traffic.


We brought one of my son’s friends along, which was adventure in itself. I just have to say its different than traveling with your own child. When a friend  has done something wrong or doesn’t listen you only can say so much, then its a call to their mom. But its much harder when you 4 hours from their mom. Thankfully he listen well.

Anyway, we were only there for the weekend therefore, we only spent a short time at the beach. It was fun for the boys to play in the water even if it was for only a short time. However, in the end they ended up getting soaked.

I was surprised how willing they were to try the rides at Busch Gardens. At first I did have to talk his friend into going, but after the first two he was all for it. I believe many kids fear the unknown, but with a little push they can realize things aren’t so bad.

They had so much fun it wore them out. It was nice to have silence most of the way home.


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