things to do in new york city

Exploring New York City with a child can be an adventure, especially if your doing it by yourself. With a large number of things to do, it can be hard to narrow it down. Having visited the city many times with my son, we discover new things to do every time we go, along with visiting our favorite places . Here are a few of our favorite things to do to help you plan for your next visit.

Located in the Upper West Side you can find The American Museum of Natural History. The four story museum can get a bit tiring, so I would start your day early. The dinosaur exhibits and the aquatic room are a must see.  The museum as a whole is a very impressive experience.


Central Park Zoo can be found on the opposite side of the Park at 64th and 5th Ave. This zoo isn’t big but the perfect size if you don’t have all day to spend in a larger zoo . It has a nice verity of animals including seals, penguins, and polar bears.

Union Square playground off of 14th St instantly raised the playground bar for us. The giant half dome, which challenges both kids and parents to scale its enormous surface, is one of the main attractions. There are also multiple spinning discs, slides and Dr Seuss looking megaphones.


At Pier 51 in Greenwich Village of off W12th St you can find a sprinkler park. This exciting playground features climbing equipment and slides, water and sand play. The soak-worthy fun this park provides is fun for all ages. But beware just like any other park it can get a bit crowded on the weekend.


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