a hiking we will go

Recently my son and I have taken up hiking, to be honest it’s more of a hike/run. We are lucky to be able to live close to a State Park. Umstead State Park can be found nestled between Raleigh and Durham, NC. It offers a variety of trail experiences including 22 miles of hiking trails ranging from a short 0.4 mile walk to a 13.0 mile hike. No mountain bikes or horses are allowed on the hiking only trails, which is nice.

Woods run

Right now, between running, stopping to look at nature, and occasionally wondering off the main trail, we usually only make it about 2.0 miles.


If your child is anything like mine, you will find yourself abruptly stopping every 10 minutes to look at “nature”. An ant hill, a weird shaped tree, or trying to find a wildlife in the woods.

One of our favorite things is walking down the creeks. Our last hike the water was low, so we were able to walk further then usual. Walking the creek turns the hike into more of an adventure.


Make sure to bring plenty of water, especially during the summer months, the more water you have the further you can go. Packing snacks can be helpful too.

Remember, no matter how fast or how slow you go its all about making memories.


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