a day in LegoLand 

I left on this trip trying not to go to any of the big amusement parks but seeing that Central Florida is home to many parks it was hard for us to avoid them.

In the end I gave in and decided we’d go to Legoland.

It wasn’t to bad of a drive, long stretches of open space really. Once we got there it seemed like only about 10% of the cars were actually from out-of-state.

I would say it’s a good park for people with younger kids who want to get away from the larger parks for a day. The rides are child size though parents can ride too.

If you do plan on going to LegoLand your next time in Florida, here’s a couple tips that may be helpful.

There is almost no shade. So bring plenty of sunscreen, I would also recommend a hat or umbrella.

Like any other of the parks there will be walking. It’s a lot smaller than Disney, but there’s no shuttle from the parking lot. So if you have to park far away it can be a bit of a walk.

Have a plan going in. The park doesn’t go in a circle so you have to walk from one side to the other in the hot sun.

Prepare to stand and stare at the awesomeness that is Miniland.

It was a good day, but sadly I wasn’t spared a sunburn.


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