on the road again

With gas prices lower right now it’s a lot cheaper to drive  8 -10 hours then fly. In all honesty I’ve only taken four long distance road trips with my son.  With him flying since he was just a baby I wasn’t surprised that when I told him we were taking another road trip the first thing that came out of his mouth was “Can’t we take a plane.”

The funny thing is, in the end he always enjoys himself. Having the whole back seat to himself, making it his own space. Having the pillows, blankets, all his toys, coloring books and can’t forget the iPod and iPad.

Personally I always find myself over packing for road trips. Even when I make a list and start preparing a day or two before hand it always seems like I have so much. However, I’ve decided it’s better to have more than you need, then be missing things.

Unlike many I don’t have the ability to drive late into the night. However, even with splitting the trip in two, some of the drive may end up going into the evening.

If it wasn’t for Starbucks I probably  wouldn’t be able to make it past 9:30pm. However with the constant intake it’s bound to come out. And that’s when I hear “why are we stopping again you just went to the bathroom.”

Like I say in the end it’s another vacation, another great adventure.


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