schools out! vacation time!

Schools out and everyone knows what that means…Vacation!

Since I’m saving for our big trip to Japan this coming November. I’ve decided that our summer trips will consist of cheaper vacations.

Seeing that our trip to Florida was such a budget saver and a big success last year I decided it was a go…Road Trip!

This time, of course, our itinerary will be a bit different and a lot smaller. However, we will be staying with my relatives again (money saver).

A definite place we plan on visiting is the Florida Aquarium in Tampa. I personally have never been to Tampa and having the opportunity to visit the aquarium then explore downtown will be nice.

So what does all this mean I have to pack and last year I found myself over packing everything, from clothes to food for the car. We had way too much. So this time I’ve decided to try and not overthink it so much. To be honest I completely forgot about our trip to Florida, until last week when June 1 rolled around.

So here’s my attempt to not over pack for a road trip list.

Suitcases, iPad, iPod, headphones, extra shoes, snacks, chargers for all devices, child’s backpack, and pillows

The trunk looks lightly packs!


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