a day at the florida aquarium

The Florida Aquarium in itself was a good experiences. We really enjoyed the Wetland Trail where we got to walk through what felt like the swamps and streams of Florida. Coming face to face with wading alligators (behind glass of cause), active otters,  and  free-flying birds such as roseate spoonbills, blue herons and white ibis. We also came across the biggest Burmese Python I’ve ever seen.

Within the Wetland Trail there is Journey to Madagascar where you can observe lemurs and spider tortoises. The Coral Reef exhibit wasn’t very large, however it had a nice variety of sea life including sand tiger sharks, and a sea turtle. There are also three interactive touch tanks. One with a variety of different species of stingrays and sharks, the second has horseshoe crabs and the third is called the No Bone Zone with creatures such as mollusks, sea cucumbers, and sea stars.

I think it took us a total of 2 hours to walk the whole thing including walking the Wetland trail twice and stopping at the touch tanks. We didn’t get very many pictures, due to the fact that my son wanted to take videos the whole time.


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