st. augustines st. george st. and the beach

The last night in Florida I decided to spend in St. Augustine. Last year we didn’t see much therefore I have been wanting to explore the town more.

We didn’t leave until later from my aunts so by the time we got there it was around 3:00 pm. Therefore again, we didn’t get to do as much as I wanted but we did walk St. George St. It is a 11 blocks lines shops restaurants and historic sites. We were able to visit the Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse in St Augustine and the Old Drug Store however with my child constantly complaining about the heat and boredom we didn’t stay for long. I believe if we were there longer and were able to visit other sites it would have keep his interest such as the Historic Lighthouse.

I had booked the Hampton Inn on Vilano beach about 7 minutes from St. Augustine. It was right across the beach which was nice to be able to walk. There also a Publix and a couple restaurants within walking distance which would be very convenient if we were staying longer.

Unfortunately we only got to go to the beach once due to a storm coming in however it was the warmest ocean water I have ever felt. We also came across a sea turtles nest. I have personally never seen one on the beach so it was cool to be able to see in person. I wish we could have stayed longer.



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