as time goes, comes sleepovers

I know my intentions for this blog were to share my travels, however as I sat alone last night it hit me once again, how fast time is going by. Its only a month into summer vacation and my son has been to two sleepovers already. Leaving me to my thoughts.

Last night was a last minute idea with two of the neighbor boys at 8:30pm while playing outside. Now this is something that wouldn’t have happened a year ago. Though a social bug he wasn’t very opened to spending the night at friends houses. We’ve had plenty of sleepovers at our house within the last 2 years and he has spent the night and my parents house, but these were the first nights he has spent away at friends. I knew he was ready last time, when it was him who asked if he could spend the night.

They had send photos last night, though not very clear, you can tell they were having a blast. Fighting with lightsabers, watching movies, playing video games and like I predicted they stayed up late too. Until 12 am to be exact. Now the only time he ever gets to stay up is if we’re traveling or on special occasion, so I know he really enjoyed being able to stay up.

Speaking to some of my coworkers today, getting their opinions on sleepovers, some had said they wouldn’t let their children stay over at someones house that young or at all. Others said they had to know the people really well. The first parent I had met multiple times at school activities and birthday parties. However the second parents, though neighbors, I have only talked to while the kids play outside. Of course, with both parents I exchanged numbers and they updated me through out the evening

Here’s one of those, “when I was little” comparisons. I remember just asking my parents if I could spend the night at a friend from schools house and all my parents would do was talk to them on the phone and that Friday we were having a sleepover. I know the world is changing but I feel we shouldn’t deprive our children from the joys of childhood. Not just sleepovers but there are many other things our children don’t get to do that we did as children.

He had a great time and I know there will be plenty more sleepovers to come.





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