a test flight before japan

Since we just flew to Upstate NY to visit family, I had decided to view it as a test flight, before we go to Japan in November. Though my son has been flying since he was 3 months, being on a plane for 13 plus hours will definitely  be different.

I saw this as a opportunity to pack his backpack almost as if we were going to Japan, therefore, he could get the feeling of carrying it. Yes, when we usually travel he has his own bag but it only has a couple things in it. Like some toys, iPod, headphones and a blanket.

Carry-on long flight kid practice pack list:

  • Change of clothes
  • iPod
  • Headphones
  • Bag of small toys
  • One chapter book
  • Coloring book
  • Neck-pillow
  • Blanket
  • Water bottle



We had one layover so I think it gave him a good feel of a heavier carry on. In addition to his backpack he also pulled his carry on suitcase, which is something we most likely wont have with us on the airports in November.

Though our layover was only 1hr 15min it was long enough to get Chick fi la for breakfast and boy do we love Chick-fi-la breakfast! I probably speak for many when I say that it’s hard to eat before a 6am  flight. Way to early to eat.

One thing about this trip that was fun for my son is that we meet up with my sister in Atlanta for our layover and flew together to New York. The last time we flow with my sister, well anyone else, was almost four years ago, so it was nice for the both of us.

We made it from Atlanta to Rochester with no complaints. He had said his bag wasn’t heavy at all which was great to hear. Come November lets just hope, in addition to the airports, he can carry it around Japan with no complaints. Fingers crossed.




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