japan an educational experience

In order to get my son excused from school for our trip to Japan I opted to request a excused absence for an “educational experience”.  I had heard from many that it can be hard to get these approved, so to help I added an extra couple details to my request. I actually typed up an extra paragraph and attached it to the request.

I stated that I would have him write in a journal each day, putting different things he experienced. Also, how I would be making a video of his adventures, of the new experiences he encountered while there. Which his teacher was free to view  when we got back. In addition, I requested his homework for the five days he will be missing.

I do recommend sending in the request as far in advance as possible.

Of course I didn’t save it on my computer and can’t find the extra copy to post as an example.

However, I think what helped was the fact that I add details such as, how he will have the chance to visit ancient temples, be emerges in different cultures, religions and languages.

It got approved!







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